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paul ryan said is very interesting because we had an editorial on monday from glenn hubbard, mitt romney's economic adviser, essentially saying that yes, we recognize we need to talk about tax increases for the rich. i mean, he actually stressed that that should be the starting point of a discussion. he didn't say, glenn hubbard, that he increases -- he wants to see increases in tax rates. he was looking at closing loopholes, things like that, but he was willing to put that on the table. the problem, though, is that even if advisers like glenn hubbard are saying that, what we're seeing is people like paul ryan still very much signaling strong opposition to that idea. >> what's your head count in the senate, the number of republicans -- >> in the senate? >> yeah. >> i think the senate will pass whatever the leaders agree to. i think like with most of these things now, they'll have to go to the house floor without knowing -- without the votes. the question is who can you lose and still pass it? you'll lose some liberal democrats, but i think you're going to get a base support of dem
that the president is committed to that same thing? absolutely we do. >>> also congressman paul ryan is dismissing suggestions that president obama's victory gives his administration a mandate to raise taxes on the rich. returning to capitol hill yesterday for the first time since the election, ryan pointed the republicans keeping control of the house as a sign that the country isn't sold on the democrats' agenda. take a listen to this. >> whether the people intended or not, we've got divided government. >> you don't think there's a mandate here? >> i don't because then they would have put nancy pelosi in charge of the house of representatives. see, i think these ideas that we talked about, i think they're popular ideas. this is a very close election. and unfortunately, divided government didn't work very well the last two years. we're going to have to make sure it works in the next two years. that means, i think, that both parties have to talk to each other. >> but could you see yourself supporting a plan that raises tax rates? >> i'm not for raising tax rates. >> so you won't support a plan? >>
paul ryan for all that he has done for our campaign. and for our country. besides my wife, ann, paul is the best choice i've ever made. and i trust that his intellect and his hard work and his commitment to principle will continue to contribute to the good of our nation. >> i want to thank my friend and partner of the last four years, america's happy warrior, the best vice president anybody could ever hope for, joe biden! >> all right. welcome back. 29 past the hour. a special post-election edition of "morning joe" live from studio 8h in rockefeller center. >> by the way, look who's here. this is huge. >> joining nous, nbc chief foreign affairs, andrea mitchell. political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele. and msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu, former democratic congressman harold ford jr. and host of "mad money" on cnbc, jim cramer. >> and by the way, andrea mitchell, thank you guys for coming. andrea mitchell came up to me, mika, spoken like a true lawyer, she said, i believe that for you to grow your mustache, the
going to win. we heard mitt romney did and ann romney did. >> paul ryan. >> paul ryan did. did you believe on election day you were going to win? >> i thought between the end of the debates, the debate season and the onset of the storm, we had tremendous momentum. >> yeah. >> we saw it in our internal data, saw it in some of the external data, the public data and saw it on the ground. we would go to rallies, people standing in lines, thousand for hours. >> what happened? why was your internal data so flawed? why was it so wrong? >> i think a couple things. one, there is a -- some kind of systemic crisis today in the world of polling, i think on the right of center polling. the modeling was way off. how pollsters on the republican side -- although not just the republican side. gallup polling, rasmussen made similar mistakes. the understanding, the electorate looked like was way off. >> first of all, you know rasmussen is a republican poll. >> gallup? i'm not letting anyone off the hook. i'm saying there is -- look the republican establishment needs to do an audit and figure out how
recovery road rally. everybody's coming. and the sons, paul ryan, paul ryan's wife who we have yet to actually meet, rudy giuliani, a couple olympic medalists, every elected official except he who must not be named in new jersey. sudden plans for a road trip are usually the sign of a pressing need to escape reality. >> is meatloaf going to be there? >> as long as he brings those pipes. >> all right. they should bring chris. this chris christie thing, is it really a big problem for mitt romney? why can't he now campaign with chris christie and be proud of it? >> it is a brig problem. >> i don't get it. that's a problem. that's the problem. >> literally, you have that image of them going like this. >> so what? they need to get over it. >>> up next, the tale of two cities. a line of demarcation separates the manhattan with power from the manhattan completely in the dark. jon stewart offers his take on a divided new york. "morning joe" back in just a moment. okay, that looks great. were you profitable last month? how much money is in your checking account? have the browns paid you for
, the largely white state of iowa. it's not why he won the hometown of paul ryan, janesville, wisconsin. so there's just a factual issue. but third and biggest, and this is where you heard the louisiana governor, bobby jindal, installed yesterday as the chairman of the republican governors association. this is where you heard him coming in, that republicans say this is a just-doesn't-get-it moment for romney. it makes republicans think that the 47% comment was no slip of the tongue. at his press conference in las vegas yesterday, governor jindal, our reporter, says became visibly agitated about this and said these comments were absolutely wrong. and they come at a time when almost every other leading republican figure is saying the party really needs to look inside itself and change karl rove. in "the wall street journal" today, it's saying the republican party needs to reverse engineer what the obama campaign did in its turnout efforts. senator john cornyn of texas, the head of the senate republicans, as of yesterday, the number two senate republican under mitch mcconnell, saying the repub
would just like to see both paul ryan and mitt romney each answer the question individually how is it that both of you lost your hometowns? mitt romney lost his hometown, belmont, massachusetts. paul ryan lost his, janesville, wisconsin. how does that happen? you've got to be saying something wrong. >> mitt romney lost all of his hometowns. and there are many. there are many of them. mike allen, great to talk to you. thanks so much. >> see you soon. >> we'll see you. >>> "new york times" magazine mark leibovich and peter alexander join us next. more "morning joe" in a moment. anncr: some politicians seem to think medicare and... social security are just numbers in a budget. well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal... that would hurt all of us. sven g
separation between paul ryan and mitt romney. >> well, it was hard to tell. >> the presidential candidate going back and forth so much. it's hard to tell where the differences are for a lot of voters. >> oh, gosh. >> he's baiting me. >> he is. >> unfortunately in this case i agree with you so i can't pick a fight. that was fascinating where paul ryan would come out early and then the romney campaign would run away from paul's position and you just wonder why they select him if they weren't going to use him. if he just with wins wisconsin it's huge victory. >> and he probably won't. i think ed is right. i think he probably wanted to be narrow. i think you'll know a lot by 7:00. i agree with you, virginia is crucial. if obama wins virginia -- >> there's not a path -- >> i don't see it. i really don't see it. and because the polls for all the discussion about nate silver, nate silver is aggregating polls. he's aggregating legitimate polls. >> it's a spread sheet. >> the spread in ohio is not nothing. and people in the obama campaign may be cocky when they start talking about florida or even
not to try to cut a deal with obama but instead to say paul ryan's going to bring a solution to the fix, we're going to gather votes for it. i guarantee you, you'll get the right to have a democratic substitute. and if you can get enough republicans to vote for it, terrific. but they do not have an obligation to concede that the only mandate in washington is the president's. >> you're talking about chains hiring people for 29 hours. i'm hearing that from small business owners across pensacola. >> yeah. >> my own district. on election night i got three different e-mails from small business owners going it's sad -- and i said this on the air a couple days ago. they said i'm going to have to put these people on for less than 30 hours and i'm going to lose my best people. i can choose to do that or fire six, seven people because my margins are so small i'm fighting to keep my business open. >> you track the number of layoffs and closures in the first week since the election, it's sobering. and part of the reason we wrote "victory of yorktown" is say to people, this is a tough country. he goes h
preserve these basic programs, not to go the route of the paul ryan voucherizing, leaving senioring vulnerable for health insurance they cannot find or cannot afford. but make sure we change the program to save the money, reduce the increase in health care costs. medicaid is the one i'll add, joe, that concerns me the most. it has the least politically articulate constituency. these are the poorest people in america. we've got to make sure at the end of the day, we protect the children, mothers with babies, and particularly the frail elderly being covered by medicaid. we can make changes there and preserve the basic integrity of these programs. >> well, of course, people in medicaid don't have the aarp fighting for them day in and day out, running 30-second ads. isn't that one of the great risks here as we try to put together a budget deal that even if republicans decide to raise taxes that both sides may be afraid to touch the middle class entitlement instead go after medicaid? >> joe, i think it is a concern on a challenge. but untouched, unchanged, medicare runs out of money in 1
of paul ryan and sits -- if you look at where he sits along -- >> interesting. >> and he's a former pollster. >> i'm not being critical of tom cole. >> i know you're not. having the guts but as a guy that abhors raising taxes, if we're going to raise taxes, i say we raise taxes after we get the other side agreeing they'll save medicare. that they'll save medicaid and social security. that they're going to cut discretionary spending. you know, i will pay more taxes and americans will pay more taxes but not just so they can cop out like so many governors do and not make tough cuts. >> i talked to really severe republicans in the south and alabama and arkansas and they say the same thing and say we're prepared to do that but not unless there's some significant cuts on the other side but they are. talking about the fact they really are -- they're prepared to raise revenue. >> if you give washington money is my opinion and give washington money with no strings attached they will not only spend that money. they will create new programs that will not only spend that money but spend additio
around. you see a lot of questions about the tea partiers, paul ryan and a these o. these, will they be on board. a lot of people are worried you can't get this done without having failures associated with it. >> john, we were hoping after the election this may be the age of aquarius, dogs and catse, blah, blah, blah. if you take what we saw over the weekend on the sunday talk shows, it's really host still from the left and the right. you see that what nancy pelosi said, what john boehner has been saying. then you go back to the president's press conference taking a pretty tough decisive tone on susan rice. and then you look at what's happening -- and also his position on the tax increases. take all of that together, it looks like more of the same. do you think -- do you sense, from your reporting, are we just having people circle each other or are their feet in stone? >> i think there's still some areas where people can move and get to the right place. but, you know, the two things i just keep thinking about is i think the business community, i think, what steve says is e
to fix this place because the other guy is the creature of washington. he gave that up when he chose paul ryan. he should have said i'm the business guy. the governor. i'm going to choose another person from outside washington. we're going to ride in on a white horse and we fix the whole place. he didn't do that. he couldn't do that because he had to get stuck into all the budget questions that his veep choice had posed. those three things, we can talk about the small things, should he have said this, that or the other, if you're not a reformed candidate, you think hatred's going to be enough and you're relying on the economy, it's not going to be enough to carry you over the line. >>> power is out to additional homes in the northeast as a powerful nor'easter dumps snow and rain on a region that's only started to recover. today's several inches of wet snow are threatening to topple already weakened trees. there's also renewed headaches for millions of commuters as bus and train service grinds to a crawl. hundreds of flights also kept at the gates at the airports as well. let's go to nbc m
, paul ryan will have to get a waiver from his house caucus colleagues to stay on his budget chair. i'm betting that that happens because he is still, i think, a rising star in the party. but he has that little thing that he's got to go through, which is to get a vote in the caucus before he can continue. >> mark. >> the other big element which is out there, not a january 1st thing but early 2013 thing is raising the debt ceiling. and remember, for the house republicans, that was a big bargaining chip. >> right. >> and a big element. we don't know the exact date. but when people talk about a deal, that's one thing you've got to factor in, will house republicans be willing to give an extension to deal with tax reform and other things if no one thinks can be dealt with in the lame duck or early next year and get something in return for agreeing to raise the debt ceiling. i'm ready to admit the first thing i've already been wrong about, the president said the fever will break and a deal will come into place more easily. still difficult but more easily than has happened so far. i was skep
teacher. number four, this guy right here, that guy, there's paul ryan. hey, buddy. number two, the republican party for nominating him. ouch. ouch. oh. oh. what a scorcher. look out. and the number one mitt romney scapegoat, shirtless fbi agent, uh had-oh. >> disturbing. joining us now the most counter intuitive -- >> what's going on? i take offense to that. >> i took the brunt of that, i think. >> you don't know who we're talking about. >> exactly. >> don't you take a shot, brad. >> exactly. >> we are talking about chris christie. you're the only republican around here. >> the governor and i are going to organize. joining us now the republican governor of new jersey, governor chris christie, and president of the american federation of teachers randy weingarten and bradley cooper. >> yeah. thank you to letting me stick around. >> great movie, by the way. have you seen it? >> i was watching it. >> looks fantastic. >> today the governor and the teachers union will announce a landmark contract offering merit pay bonuses to the teachers of newark so we can now, the three of us, or
health insurance. it's going to be a premium support program, a voucher just like paul ryan wanted. >> right. >> and if everybody has health care, why can't we raise the age of eligibility for medicare a little bit? >> why can't we? >> right. >> i mean, so i've been attacked for that. >> why? >> why would you be attacked? >> because the left wants medicare for everybody forever. and medicare is, as you and i have discussed on this show -- >> it's unsustainable. >> yes. >> you know what i want? >> what? >> i want lollipops to grow on trees. i really do. i want whiskey to trickle down mountain streams. >> we have that. come to brooklyn. come to brooklyn. >> exactly. i would like john heilemann to be able to go to dispensers getting getting bubble gum, having acid drop out if that's what he wants. >> in colorado. >> i want all of these things, but it's not going to happen. the liberals certainly -- republicans may be afraid of math -- i mean, science. why are liberals afraid of math? do they not believe in math? because if you look at medicare and medicaid -- >> there are some conserv
between 10 and 20 years from now. democrats will say that's the paul ryan precedent, that in his medicare plan, the vast majority of all changes take place a decade from now. so republicans are going to have to swallow a tax increase today for medicare cuts on a faraway tomorrow. and as far as what those tax cuts look like, there's going to be a tax rate increase, certainly in the short term. and if you just look at the -- there's an article you can link to our piece today, just look at the top 20 loopholes in deductions. and it shows that it's virtually impossible to close or change any of the most expensive ones. so you're probably going to end up with some kind of total cap on deductions or some sort of alternative minimum tax rate for rich people. so you can jack up the amount of revenue that you're getting for people making over $250,000 or $500,000, whatever the end number is. but again, if you listen to the rhetoric on camera, it sounds like well, there's no way there will be a deal. if you talk to people who have been in the room, they say calm down. it's going to be ugly, but we
among seniors. so apparently the whole paul ryan is the devil thing didn't latch on. but what do we do now to keep medicare -- you know, you watch the show. we talk about it all the time. how do we make medicare stronger? how do we keep it going? how do we stop it from bankrupting? >> so i think that there are, as we go forward, there are going to have to be two things that people do. the first thing is we are going to have to reduce our medicare spending. and at the center for american progress, we put out a report two weeks ago, just after the election, about how to get $385 billion saved. i think that has helped explain where the cuts would come from. >> is it all on the providers side or is some of it on the beneficiary side? >> some of it's on the beneficiary side because we do want to have wealthier medicare recipients pay more for their part "b" benefits. but i think separate from that, we also need to think about changing the system. and i would say each player needs to change. first, on the doctor side, we definitely -- or the hospital side. we definitely need to change how we
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)